Friday, September 10, 2010

Hot Flashes, High Heels & Hormones

I was just cleaning out my garage the other day, and BINGO, a surge as they call it, came over me. I found a box full of high heel shoes from way back when.  Let me tell you, it was the mother load of some of my favorites.  I have had these treasures long enough for them to be back in style.  Some were exotic. Some were flashy.  Some were from Spain. Some were Italian with lots of bling-bling and studs.  My hormones levels must have skyrocketed, because I was so excited at discovering my national hidden treasure, I was dizzy and
I Knew If I Moved Too Fast, I Might Pass Out. 

I composed myself and like any menopausal woman would do I pulled them all out, reminisced about the outfit that went with each pair of shoes, and what the occasion was.  But here’s the best part, I was CONFIDENT I could still fit into these delicate little creations.  I looked down at my slightly swollen feet, and proceeded to squeeze into them.  Mind you, my little granddaughters are watching my frenzy trying to squeeze into these shoes.  The look on their eyes as I braced myself to stand in my 5” heels that wrapped all the way around my slightly swollen ankles was priceless. For a split second, I was metaphor sized back to a twenty-something year old in my high heels.   I amazed myself as I stood up with such precision and grace, and balance; my young audience was a gasp and shared my joy! 

Then I tried to take a step.  Yep, you got it! I was like a drunken sailor in my own garage… “whoa… whoa…” I yelped for help.  My little girls came to my rescue and as I collapsed, we laughed, and laughed and laughed.  Now they have quite a bit of designer shoes to their little collection of make believe, but that afternoon I had a heavenly HOT FLASH!  I was so reminded that everything is in God’s timing, in my youth I wore high heel shoes, now I smile when I see a young lady in her beautiful high heels.  The secret to peace with God is to discover, accept, and appreciate God’s perfect timing.

So I concluded that there is nothing better for people than to be
happy and to enjoy themselves as long as they can.
~ Ecclesiastes 3:12

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  1. HAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAA!!!! ;) Love it! I wish you would have videoed this experience!